Electric Socket Surge Protector with 3 AC Outlets and 2 USB-A

Short Description:

A power plug socket is an electrical device that allows you to connect a power cord from an appliance or device to the power outlet. The two metal pins can plug into the electrical outlet. This connection provides a safe and reliable way to transfer power from the grid to a device or appliance so it can function properly. Keliyuan power plug sockets also offer additional functions such as surge protection, USB charging ports.But this model doesn’t have silicone door which is to prevent dust from entering.

  • Product Name: Power Plug Socket with 2 USB-A Ports
  • Model Number: K-2020
  • Body Dimensions: H98*W50*D30mm
  • Color: white
  • Product Detail

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    • Plug Shape (or Type): Swivel plug(Japan type)
    • Number of Outlets: 3*AC outlets and 2*USB A
    • Switch: No

    Package Information

    • Individual Packing: cardboard + blister
    • Master Carton: Standard export carton or customized


    • *Surging protection is available.
    • *Rated input: AC100V, 50/60Hz
    • *Rated AC output : Totally 1500W
    • *Rated USB A output: 5V/2.4A
    • *Total power output of USB A: 12W
    • *With 3 household power outlets + 2 USB A charging ports, charge smartphones,tablet etc. while using the power outlet.
    • *The swivel plug is easy for carrying and storage.
    • *1 year warranty



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