How to choose a track socket and install the track socket?

Five key points when choosing a track socket.

1. Consider power
Ensure that the power of each appliance is less than that of a single track adapter and does not exceed the total power of the socket when used at the same time to ensure electrical safety. Therefore, it is very important to choose a track socket with moderate power.

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2.Appearance is important
Track sockets are usually relatively large, so appearance choices will have an impact on the overall decoration effect. Pay attention to choosing exterior colors that are consistent with the decoration style.

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3. Consider material

Choosing a track socket with a metal shell is stronger and more durable, with better heat dissipation and texture.

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4. Track quality

The quality of the track is related to the user experience. Choosing a well-known brand of track socket is usually more reliable in quality.

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Choose a track socket with a metal shell and a small track gap to ensure safe use.

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Six issues you need to pay attention to when installing track sockets

1.Avoid installation near water sources
It is not recommended to install track sockets near pools because of the risk of short circuits if water splashes inside the socket.

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2.Need to drill holes to fix
Since the track socket is made of metal and is heavy, it is recommended to install it fixedly instead of simply sticking it on the wall to ensure stability.

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3.Wiring processing
If there are no pull cords at home and only a regular wall socket, you can connect the wire inside the socket to the inside of the track socket.

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4.Track socket wiring port
It is usually located on the left side, but you can also enter the wire from the bottom of the right side and then pass it through to the left side for wiring, which requires wire length.

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5.Track socket safety
A good quality track outlet has ground protection, but you need to make sure there is a ground wire in your home.

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6.Upside down installation problem 
It is generally not recommended to install track sockets upside down, but in practice there won’t be much of a problem.

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Post time: Nov-27-2023