South Africa Conversion Adaptor to 2 EU Outlets and 1 South Africa Outlet with 2 USB

Short Description:

Product Name:South Africa Travel Adapter

Model Number: UN-D006

Color: White

Number of AC Outlets: 3

Switch: No

Individual Packing: neutral retail box

Master Carton: Standard export carton

Product Detail

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Voltage  250V
Current  16A max.
Power  4000W max.
Materials  PP housing + copper parts
Switch  No
USB  2 USB Ports, 5V/2.1A
Individual Packing  OPP bag or customized
1 year guaranty

Advantages of KLY South African Conversion Wall Plug Adapter 3 Outlet and 2 USB

Dual Plug Compatibility: The adapter supports both South African plugs (Type M) and European plugs (Type C or F), allowing users to connect devices from both regions. This makes it versatile for travelers and users with electronics from different countries.

EU Outlets for European Devices: With two EU outlets, users can power or charge multiple European devices simultaneously. This is particularly useful for travelers with European electronics or for those visiting European countries.

South Africa Outlet for Local Devices: The inclusion of a South Africa outlet ensures that devices with South African plugs can be used, catering to users who have local appliances or devices.

USB Ports for Charging: The addition of two USB ports allows users to charge multiple USB-powered devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets. This eliminates the need for separate USB chargers, providing a convenient charging solution.

Multi-Functional Design: The combination of EU outlets, South Africa outlet, and USB ports makes this adapter suitable for a wide range of electronic devices, providing a comprehensive solution for users with diverse charging needs.

Compact and Portable: The adapter is likely designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to carry during travel. The all-in-one design reduces the need for carrying multiple adapters and chargers.

Ease of Use: The plug-and-play design ensures that the adapter is easy to use. Users can simply plug it into the wall outlet, and it instantly provides multiple outlets and USB ports for their devices.

Reduction of Clutter: With the ability to charge devices directly through USB ports, users can reduce cable clutter and the need for additional chargers, offering a more organized charging solution.

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