South Africa Power Strip3/4/5/6/7/9/11 Outlets Lighted Switch Extension Socket

Short Description:

Product Name:South Africa Power Strip

Model Number: UN-LMSA Series

Color: White

Cord Length(m): 1.5m or customized

Number of Outlets: 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 AC Outlets

Switch: Optional

Individual Packing:neutral retail box

Master Carton: Standard export carton

Product Detail

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Voltage 250V
Current 16A max.
Power 2500W max.
Materials PP housing + copper parts
Power Cord 3*1 or 1.5MM2, copper wire
Switch Optional
USB Optional
OPP bag or customized
Individual Packing
1 year guaranty

Advantages of South African Power Strips with different optional features

Multiple Outlets: Power strips provide multiple AC outlets, allowing users to connect and power multiple devices simultaneously, which is especially useful in areas with limited wall sockets.

Optional USB Charging: The USB port conveniently charges phones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices without the need for a separate adapter, reducing clutter and simplifying the charging process.

Optional Switch: An optional switch allows users to easily turn the power strip on or off, providing added convenience and energy-saving potential by cutting power to connected devices when not in use.

Optional Surge Protection: Many power strips feature surge protection, which protects connected devices from voltage spikes and surges, extending the life of sensitive electronic equipment.

Space-Saving Design: The power strip's compact design helps save space and can easily be placed on your desk, workstation, or anywhere an extra power outlet is needed.

Versatility: It can accommodate a variety of equipment, including computers, audio-visual equipment, peripherals and other electronics, providing flexibility for a variety of environments including homes, offices and entertainment areas.

Designed for South African Standards: The power strip is specifically designed to meet South African electrical standards, ensuring compatibility and safety for South African users. These benefits make the South African Multi AC Outlet Power Strip for efficiently powering and charging multiple devices while offering built-in safety features and space-saving features.

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